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Patrimonial law

  • Civil and commercial contracts
  • Real estate
  • Inheritance law
  • Intellectual and industrial property

Criminal law

  • Crimes against property and against the socio-economic order
  • Crimes against privacy and personal portrayal
  • Reputational crimes (malicious accusation and criminal insult)
  • Crimes against the person (injury)

Real estate & urban planning

  • Urban planning
  • Real estate
  • Construction

Public law

  • Administrative law and regulated sectors
  • Constitutional law
  • Contentious administrative proceedings

Tax law

  • Legal assistance in inspection and collection procedures
  • Advice on administrative proceeding appeals and economic-administrative claims
  • Legal guidance on contentious-administrative appeals on taxation matters

Corporate law

  • Commercial and corporate contracts
  • Companies
  • Foundations
  • Mortgage and registry
  • Industrial and intellectual property
  • Data protection

International legal guidance

  • International business
  • People and family relations
  • Civil and commercial litigation
  • Judicial procedures before international courts
  • Legal guidance in relation with fundamental rights and procedures for their defense

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